Skipper——President:  Julie Brandon
1st. Mate–
Vice President:  Dave Fraim
Yeoman——–Secretary: Debbi McLaughlin
Purser——–Treasurer:Mona Andrews
Ensigns—–-Members at Large:
Jack Slater: Jack Slater
Dale Patten
: Dale Patten
Dave Onufry: Dave Onufry

Holloway Lake Association Zone Map


Petty Officers

zone1Zone 1
North side from the dam to the beach:  Bill Brandon

purpleZone 2
South side from dam to the tubes:  Martin Hefter

brownZone 3
North side from the beach to the Mt. Morris bridge: Andy & Mona Andrews

zone4Zone 4
South side from the tubes to the Goose Point: Dennis McCann

orangeZone 5
Goose Point to Mt. Morris Bridge: Norm Werth

zone6Zone 6
Mt. Morris Bridge to Columbiaville Rd. Both sides:  Jon Eich

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