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2023 Walleye Survey

A new Walleye Survey is on the Committee Reports page. The title on that page is a link to the survey.

Boat Launch and Campground Info

Here are links for 2023 information: Boat Launch & Fishing , Wolverine Campground

HLA Newsletter

The October, 2022 HLA Newsletter is available. Here is a link to read and/or download the newsletter.

2022 Walleye Tournament

The results of the walleye tournament held on May 22, 2022 is on the Committee Reports page. The title on that page is a link to the results.


At the HLA General Meeting held on April 19, a new Board Of Directors was elected for a two-year term.  CONGRATULATIONS! to all Board members that were elected.  Visit the “Contact Us” page to see all the names and their respective titles. 

A Message From Debbi McLaughlin, HLA President/Skipper

Richfield Twp. Residents and frequent Holloway Reservoir users:
Let us inform you of a big change in progress as they have started construction on the expansion of the Wolverine Campground. In this expansion they plan to update the two shower houses for the 200 sites already in the existing campground. They are also adding to their campsites an additional 100 sites to be completed in two phases. Phase 1, which includes 50 sites, is already under construction and will have an impact on the residents of Baxter Rd. Phase 2, which includes the remaining 50 sites in the expansion project, is of serious concern. The proximity of these proposed sites is very close to our property lines, approximately 100 feet. These expansions would add at least 100 more campers and will be a great distance away from the existing sites as well as the water, beach and Park officials.
What this means for residents of Mount Morris, Baxter, and Washburn Roads:

  • Increased noise pollution (Generators, RVS, Parties, vacationers)
  • Increased smoke and air pollution 24/7
  • A loss of nature and a sense of peace in a small rural area
  • Campers too close to residentially zoned property lines (within approximately 100 feet of homes, pole barns, sheds, porch/patios)
  • Potential decrease in home values
  • Potential well and water issues for the surrounding residence.
  • Increased traffic and safety on Mt. Morris Rd.
  • Increased calls for Richfield Township police. In the last 5 years they responded to 201, 911 calls inside the campground. The campground being open 6 months equates to over 40 calls a season in addition to what the rangers handle.
  • Increase in crime and alcohol use (they claim it is a zero-tolerance policy but every year police are repetitively called to respond week after week for inappropriate activity)
  • Increased boater activity on an already extremely busy lake
    If you live on Mt. Morris Rd, Baxter Rd, Washburn Rd. or on the lake, this change will directly affect you!

    Following are some updates on this topic from Barry June, Director of Genesee Parks And Recreation Commission. These updates were sent by Barry to Debbi McLaughlin on October 3, 2022:
  • We are replacing two bathroom buildings in the existing Campground, one built in 1978 and one built in 1990.  These improvements will provide more privacy and convenience for our Campers.
  • In addition to this we are building 50 new full hookup (Water, electric, and sewer connections) sites.  These sites will include a new bathroom shower building.  These sites will offer amenities that campers have been asking for and will be very large campsites (60’x100’).

The following are corrections to statements on your website about the project and campground:

There will be no generators at the new sites since they are not allowed in the campground.

·         There will be fire pits at the new campsites, but we do not get any complaints from neighbors about the current 191 campsites.

·         There will be little loss of natural surroundings since we are only developing approximately 10 acres of the 180 acres of undeveloped property

·         The new campsites will be 600’ from the nearest property line.

·         There is no documented case of lower property values associated with living near the Campground.  A new house was built less than 40 feet east of the campground in 2021.

·         There will be no impact on local wells.  The new campsites and bath house will require one well.

·         Current estimated traffic counts for Wolverine is 102 vehicles per day.  The new campsites are estimated to generate an additional 25 vehicles per day.

·         Richfield Township did not respond to any calls to Wolverine Campground in 2022.  There were 30 – 911 calls since January 2022 that were all responded to, and resolved, by the Genesee County Park Rangers.  In addition, the Genesee County Park Rangers assisted the Richfield Township Police on 64 call during 2021.

·         We experience very little crime from campers.  Most Police calls involve non-criminal campground rule violations or medical issues.  There were no criminal arrests made at the Campground during the 2022 Camping Season.

·         We do not anticipate an appreciable increase in boating activities with the addition of the new campsites.


Special thanks to Julie and Bill Brandon for heading up the dedication of the 2 picnic tables at the Walleye Pike Boat Launch on Saturday, May 15, 2021. It was a very nice event in appreciation for the efforts made on behalf of the HLA from these families. Thanks to all who attended.

DNR Guides and Digests

A link to various guides and digests published by the Michigan Department Of Natural Resources has been added to the Quick Links page. Among others, this website includes the current versions of the Michigan Fishing Guide and Michigan Boating Laws. It also includes an instructional video for adding these publications to your mobile device.

The Holloway Lake Association Protects Your Reservoir

Through regularly scheduled meetings and newsletters, the Holloway Lake Association keeps concerned citizens informed and in touch.  Please support these efforts by becoming a member of the Holloway Lake Association. Together we can make a difference! Holloway Lake Association needs your help to remain Genesee County’s precious recreational area.


Issues we are working on:

The Water – predictable levels and good quality
The Regulatory Agencies – boating safety
The Environment – industrial and other pollution
Shoreline Erosion
Parkland Preservation
Richfield Landfill issues
Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Camping, Picnicking or Hiking 

Holloway Today: Challenges and Changes

Shoreline Erosion:  Shoreline erosion, which is greatly exacerbated by high speed boating, waves, and sandy soil, has been identified as a concern.  Picturesque Goose Point becomes narrower each year. Trees have tipped over into the water in many areas.  As a result, the Reservoir is becoming increasingly wider. What will it look like in 50 years?

Water Levels: There are many demands on the waters of Holloway. The City of Flint requires constant flow for sanitation plants. Down-river recreational users call for increased summertime flow. In the dry summer months, low water levels on Holloway harm recreation, wildlife and the ecosystem of the water.

Environmental Concerns: The potential impact of The Richfield Landfill on Holloway Reservoir and its surroundings demands activism by the public to insure a safe environment and to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

The increase in the numbers of seagulls requires efforts to control them in order to prevent the damage they cause to property and their contamination of the water.

Regulatory Intrusion: The Holloway Reservoir is heavily regulated by Government, and citizen activism is required to balance the competing interests of the environmental, industrial and recreational communities.

We have been given permission by Nate Harasim to use his song “Holloway Cruise” on our website.  Nate was just a young teenager when he wrote this song while sitting on his dock in Zone 4.  It is simply beautiful!  Make sure you have your speakers on!

Click here to hear Nate’s song