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Dear HLA Members, and Friends Of Holloway,
Showing public support is one of the really important parts of any successful grant request. And, by public support, we mean letters advocating for the approval of the grant request that can be included with the grant application.

Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission is looking for support for the following grant applications:

Linden County Park Pickleball Development
Development of four (4) dedicated pickleball courts, two (2) multi-use courts, and accessibility improvements to provide barrier-free access and improved recreational opportunities within Linden County Park. The project will develop 4 pickleball courts in addition to 2 multi-use courts which could be used for tennis or pickleball. The project will also provide a new parking lot with ADA parking spaces, accessible paved connection from the parking lot to the courts, access to the nearby existing accessible multi-use paved trail, access to an existing ADA vault toilet, accessible playground, and pavilions. In addition, universally accessible picnic tables and grills will be placed adjacent to the courts. This will allow for intergenerational park use and will be accessible to park users of all abilities. Grant Amount Requested: Up to $300,000.00

Branch Road Fishing Access Accessibility and Improvements
This Trust Fund Grant project will move the existing fishing dock approximately 800 feet to the north and re-install it at a point just south of the location where Branch Road is closed.  This location will better facilitate the parking area and make it universally accessible, which are parts of this project.
Grant Amount Requested: Up to $300,000.00

Genesee County Parks Mountain Bike Trail
This Trust Fund Grant project will develop the first mountain bike trail in Genesee County. The location of the trail will be on the nearly 350 acres around Wolverine Campground.
Grant Amount Requested: Up to $300,000.00

We know the hardest part of writing a letter is getting started, so we are here to help you.

Please address all letters to (MNRTF) Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Just click the link below to view an example and feel free to use any or all of it to help you get started. Or, write your own personalized support, and return the letter to me via email by Wednesday, March 24, 2021 and I will include your letter of support. We appreciate your support!
Pickleball Development Sample Letter
Fishing Access Accessibility Sample Letter
Mountain Bike Trail Sample Letter


Barry M. June, Director
Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission


The following is a message from HLA member, Bill Brandon:
It’s time for our annual HOLLOWAY ICE BREAK UP CHALLENGE. Free and open to the public. Guess the date that our orange cone drops through the ice as it breaks up this Spring. The winning guess will receive a gift basket that contains Michigan Lottery tickets, liquor, gift certificates and more. This year there will be additional door prizes just for guessing.
Entries for the Challenge have been closed. Here are all of the guesses submitted. Good Luck!

March 3 Kailynn’s Mom, Kim Brousseau
March 6 Jenelle Lumbard
March 7 Dan Stopka
March 9 Pat Hefter
March 10 Kimberley Carrier
March 12 Jamie Brandon, Cam Smith
March 13 Jen Grabinski
March 14 Sharon Holliday
March 15 Martin Hefter, Jack Slater, Megan Hubble, Beth Stopka
March 16 Shery Pemberton
March 17 Bill Brandon III, Tom Brandon
March 18 Brenden Grabinski
March 19 Dale Patten
March 20 Jon Eich, Leslie Slater
March 21 Chris Brandon
March 22 Amy Toczylowski
March 23 Amber Smith, James Bird
March 24 Cindy Anderson
March 25 Becky Stapp
March 26 Tommy Fenslau, Kevin Roberts
March 27 Dennis McCann, Katie Eich, Rob Moen
March 29 Owen Brandon
March 30 Linda Vernier, Marian Noblin, Ed Brown, Gil Holliday
March 31 Bob Voltenburg
April 2 Bill Stapp
April 7 Roxanne Voltenburg
April 9 Sloane Brandon
April 12 Gary Destrange,
April 15 Cheri French
April 20 Mike French
April 21 Darryl Good, Carrie Nickerson
**. Any ties will be decided by blind draw


Good news! The calendars for 2021 are ready. The Great News is they will be available for $10 instead of the original anticipated cost of $20. Text Debbi McLaughlin, Skipper (248-561-0077) to pick up your copy. Make payment payable to Holloway Lake Association or cash. We do have a limited supply so don’t wait. You may also email Debbi at


At the HLA General Meeting held on October 21, a new Board Of Directors was elected for a two-year term.  The term of office will last until the Spring, 2022 election. This election would have normally occurred earlier this year in April.  CONGRATULATIONS! to all Board members that were elected.  Visit the “Contact Us” page to see all the names and their respective titles.  Also, a huge THANK-YOU! to all who have retired from the Board, especially our previous skipper, Julie Brandon.


Visit the Committee Reports page to view the 2020 Holloway Reservoir Walleye Summary. The report is a pdf file that may be opened by clicking on or touching the report title.

The Holloway Lake Association Protects Your Reservoir

Through regularly scheduled meetings and newsletters, the Holloway Lake Association keeps concerned citizens informed and in touch.  Please support these efforts by becoming a member of the Holloway Lake Association. Together we can make a difference! Holloway Lake Association needs your help to remain Genesee County’s precious recreational area.


Issues we are working on:

The Water – predictable levels and good quality
The Regulatory Agencies – boating safety
The Environment – industrial and other pollution
Shoreline Erosion
Parkland Preservation
Richfield Landfill issues
Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Camping, Picnicking or Hiking 

Holloway Today: Challenges and Changes

Shoreline Erosion:  Shoreline erosion, which is greatly exacerbated by high speed boating, waves, and sandy soil, has been identified as a concern.  Picturesque Goose Point becomes narrower each year. Trees have tipped over into the water in many areas.  As a result, the Reservoir is becoming increasingly wider. What will it look like in 50 years?

Water Levels: There are many demands on the waters of Holloway. The City of Flint requires constant flow for sanitation plants. Down-river recreational users call for increased summertime flow. In the dry summer months, low water levels on Holloway harm recreation, wildlife and the ecosystem of the water.

Environmental Concerns: The potential impact of The Richfield Landfill on Holloway Reservoir and its surroundings demands activism by the public to insure a safe environment and to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

The increase in the numbers of seagulls requires efforts to control them in order to prevent the damage they cause to property and their contamination of the water.

Regulatory Intrusion: The Holloway Reservoir is heavily regulated by Government, and citizen activism is required to balance the competing interests of the environmental, industrial and recreational communities.

We have been given permission by Nate Harasim to use his song “Holloway Cruise” on our website.  Nate was just a young teenager when he wrote this song while sitting on his dock in Zone 4.  It is simply beautiful!  Make sure you have your speakers on!

Click here to hear Nate’s song